Meet The Band


Kevin Alfinez - Lead Vocals

  Born in New York,  He moved to Miami, Fl. in 1978 with his family. He began drumming at the ripe age of nine when his father, also an accomplished singer/drummer in bands throughout New York City, introduced him to the world of music.    Kevin began playing in various garage bands throughout his junior high and high school years while also performing in marching and concert bands.  He also competed in State competitions and received superior ratings for his drumming techniques.   Barely out of high school, Kevin began touring, playing Rock and Roll on the A Club circuit, while also recording in the studio. You could say that this helped him develop a wild & crazy character while putting on the best live performance night after night.  In 1992 he landed himself a sweet gig playing with RCA/Epic and Sony recording artist Stevie B.    In the 20 years he has been in the music industry Kevin has brought power, musicianship, and vocal ability to all the bands he has been a part of, and puts on a great show while also bringing out the best in his band mates.   Kevin has recently moved from the drummer/lead singer of Eclipse to going up and fronting the band.    


Jose Pantoja - Guitar and Vocals


José Ignacio Pantoja, born and raised in Santiago de Chile 1983 has been always interested in music since he was a child inspired basically by the music from the 80s shown by his older brother who is a drummer, at the age of 10 started to practice drums listening rock bands such like Queen, Guns n Roses, Nirvana and basically all rock music from late 80s to early 90s. By the age of 12 he was shocked by listening to Ozzy's former guitar player Randy Rhodes. So, Jose switched from the drums to guitar. After spending years of playing in different local bands he decided to study in the jazz conservatory called Pro-jazz

(Chile) where he did some years studying jazz guitar and composition and so he also studied with great teachers such as Ricardo Martinez in Miami Fl, Juan Anderson in Chile and Ignacio Diaz in Chile.

By his 20s he started to play with different bands from Rock, Heavy Metal, Fusion and Progressive Rock.

His main influences consist of great musicians like Steve Lukather, Gary Moore, Neal Schon, Paul Jackson Jr., Nile Rodgers, Pat Metheny, Jeff Beck, Richie Blackmore, Randy Rhodes, Steve Stevens, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Mark Knopfler, David Gilmour and many more. 

In the year 2011 he worked with Laney amps UK making reviews and been in the front page of the website for over 7 months as an independent Laney artist.

He can play a lot of different genres from Funky Blues to Rock n Roll to Latin and Ballads. 

And so now he comes to share all his experience and energy to Eclipse Band Live.     


Mark Mcgreevy -Bass Guitar

  Mark has been playing bass since the age of 14 and has proven to be a solid foundation for Eclipse sound. Since the 1980’s Mark has been on the local music scene, Playing in such bands as Shaker, The Toys, Electric Lover and The Secret. Mark also recorded and toured with signed acts such as Freedom Cage under the Z-Records label out of Liverpool England and opening up for such acts as Quiet Riot, Mr. Big. Marks versatile playing style has become a perfect compliment to Eclipse.  


Juan Fernandez - Keyboards and Vocals

  Juan M. Fernandez was born in Camaguey, Cuba in 1983.His passion for music begins at a young age  where he developed as a pianist.  Later he moved from his native Cuba to Puerto Rico and began his formal studies in music at the Puerto  Rico Music Conservatory were he study Piano Jazz. In Puerto Rico, he played in several groups of salsa,  Latin Jazz, Rock, Plena and popular music. Some of the band he played with are: Boricubason, Los  Realengos, Mayari Band, NKlabe, Victor Vazquez Big Band, Fernando Sanabria and Plena Juventud among many others. In 2013 he moved to Miami, FL where he met Kevin Alfinez. Ever since then he is currently the keyboardists for Eclipse Band were he plays the South Florida scene and become one of the most perfect addition to the Eclipse family.     


Linda Alfinez - Lead and Backup Vocals

  Linda Alfinez is the younger sister of the lead singer, Kevin Alfinez. She was born in NYC and raised in Miami/Homestead being number 3 of her siblings. She started singing at the age of 11 in concert chorus and then became the singer for the jazz band from junior high school. All throughout high school she continued singing. Competing in choral district, regional and state competitions, all the while, still doing her other hobby of dancing, also competing and doing shows in high school.  After graduating high school, she married and had two children, putting her hobbies on hold. Now being a single mother of two adults and a grandmother has been the most exhilarating. She started singing with Eclipse as a hobby joining her brother on rare occasions. Then, due to tragedy, she came into the band as a fulltime backup singer and now takes some lead. She says “aside from my family, singing pretty much saved my life. I have the greatest honor & joy to share the stage with the most amazing musicians and friends, especially my big brother, Kevin.”   


George Berkowitz (Geebz) - Percussion and Vocals

  Born in Havana Cuba. Moved to, and Raised in New York (Bronx) in 1970 and then to Miami (The 6th Borough) in 1977 where I’ve been ever since. Come from a line of performers. My grandmother was a mezzo soprano, her brother played trumpet, my uncle played percussion, and my mother was a dancer. Always surround by music of some sort. I will always remain grateful to my family for not letting me forget my roots. The Hispanic / Cuban culture was always strong in my home. I’ve played in many different projects and have had the good fortune to share the stage with many local, national and international venue’s and musicians Joined a local band called El Duende (Spanish rock) signed to cane records label out of University of Miami. Great group of guys. They gave me opportunity to expand on my afro Cuban and afro Caribbean chops while challenged by the work. Maintaining the energy and aggression of Rock and roll that band gave me the opportunity to record at Criteria studios in north Miami WOW !!! My influences vary. But, as a formats go? In love to play old school funk, R&B, Rock &Roll and Fania Of which to me , the undisputed heavyweights are Earth, wind and fire and Led Zeppelin. I’ve been accepted to play with the group Eclipse Band Live which brings me to present day. It seem like my good fortune is not running out.  


Jaime Vila - Drums and Vocals

  A Miami native who began His professional career as a drummer in the 1980's, Jaime Vila has played with a variety of bands for decades, primarily in South Florida, from Palm Beach to the Florida Keys.  Over those years, Jaime has brought passionate performances to a treasury of festivals, events, and live music venues, spanning a wide range of genres including Blues, Country, Jazz, Latin, Reggae, Rock, and Rhythm & Blues.  This experience and diversity has afforded a reputation as a solid pocket drummer who always brings special groove, musicality, and positive energy to His endeavors..